Program Description

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a form of psychoeducational training for adolescents and adults with emotional or psychological distress due to medical conditions, physical pain, or life events, is designed to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms, negative mood-related feelings, and depression symptoms; increase self-esteem; and improve general mental health and functioning. The program is based on the core principle of "mindfulness"--a mental state whereby one attends to and purposefully manages one's awareness of what is happening in the moment. MBSR helps participants to develop a mindful cognitive state and incorporate it into everyday life as a coping resource to deal with intense physical, emotional, and situational stressors.


Program Details

Duration: An orientation, 8-weekly classes and one daylong class on a Saturday


Orientation: One or two week(s) before class begins we'll hold a two-hour required orientation, to introduce the MBSR class, answer any questions, fill out paperwork and meet with individual participants. Registration for the class will be finalized after attending the introductory orientation.  


Cost: $250


Scholarships: If you feel you cannot attend the class due to its cost, you are encouraged to apply for a scholarship click here. We have never turned away a person for lack of funds.  


Payments: Course fee can be made anytime after the orientation.  Payment plans are available (one-time payment, weekly payments, bi-weekly payments). Fill out payment form and bring it with you to the orientation.  


 Make a Payment 

Payments are to be paid after attending the orientation.



If you know you are going to miss more than one weekly class, we ask that you take a future session.