The Davis Mindfulness Center is Opening April 2019 

Our new mindfulness website is currently under development

In 2014, after recognizing a growing trend of adults requesting services for anxiety and depression, Davis Behavioral Health (DBH) began offering Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), an evidence-based educational delivery of mindfulness to adults in the community to address this trend as part of its Prevention & Education programming. In Fall 2016, in response to parent requests and an elementary teacher request that mindful- ness be taught in schools, Davis Behavioral Health began piloting the Mindful Schools curriculum in an elementary school. After initial feedback was assessed and positive re- sults observed, additional schools were invited to participate. The Davis School District has now requested that mindfulness training be made available district-wide, in both ele- mentary and secondary schools as a universal, Tier 1 Prevention. DBH has also begun working with public charter schools in the county. In response to further requests from parents requesting additional education about mindfulness, DBH Prevention created a Parent Video Series (link to it) to accompany the elementary Mindful Schools lessons.
As the mindfulness-related prevention efforts in Davis County have grown, DBH has recognized the need for a dedicated space for the community to gather for evidenced- based classes, workshops on a variety of topics, and support groups. With deep gratitude to a generous private donor, we have been able to move forward with establishing the Da- vis Community Resilience Center. We envision this Center as a community-driven, com- munity-supported effort-a place to come to experience the support and nourishment of being in community.


If you'd like to be notified of upcoming mindfulness classes or partipate in our 100 days of self-care challenge, that starts on Thursday, February 14th, fill out the form below.